Rollers are an integral part of conveyors: from small belt conveyors to agricultural machinery: elevators and granaries, up to many kilometer conveyor systems of mining processing plants, coal mines and transshipment port terminals. The variety of geometric dimensions and roller designs is regulated by the requirements of GOST 22646-77 (State Standards), which ensures their interchangeability.

Rollers, often work in very tough conditions and are subject to periodic replacement. Therefore, consumers have to purchase rollers and components for conveyors as spare parts in the process of their readjustment and repair work.

 In this regard the main factors that are taken into account are: price, service life and reliability in operation. Until recently, metal rollers made of steel or aluminum alloys were almost exclusively represented on the market. The analysis of the reasons why they fail, shows that in most cases, failures are associated with the corrosive and abrasive wearing out of the shells. Another cause is the destruction of the bearing units. When the conveyor operates, the surface of the rollers is heated due to the friction of the conveyor belt.

Due to the high thermal conductivity of the metal, the bearing units are also heated.

When the conveyor stops, the temperature drops. In the inner space of the roller, discharge is created. Abrasive dust is sucked through the seals, wearing out separators and rolling elements. In addition, their wearing out is accelerated due to the dynamic loads experienced by the bearings during the conveyor operation. Metal body frames do not have the ability to damp and quench these loads.


The development of the production of high-strength and wear-resistant polymers has expanded the possibilities for the optimal choice of the material of the roller body frames  taking into account the specificity of their use. We offer conveyor and support rollers with polymeric bodies, with the following distinctive features:

  • their price is lower than the prices of commercials on the market;
  • they are noiseless in their work;
  • they wear out the conveyor belt less due to its elasticity and damping ability;
  • conveyor rollers do not pose a threat of undercutting the belt during its emergency destruction.

The list of materials used by us in the production of body frames comprises:

  1. polyamide,
  2. polyurethane.

By the combination of characteristics, these elements are most suitable for roller conveyors even under the most severe conditions of operation.

A special design of labyrinth seals and bearing units provides their hermeticity, and the technology of production and assembly of rollers is protected by the Patents of Ukraine: No 92605; No 92606; No 92607; No 92608.

Our Conveyer Rollers in Operation Process

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