Conveyor rollers made of copolymers with filler

Our enterprise produces and sells conveyor rollers made of copolymers with mineral ceramic filler. The composition of the roller material, their design and the way of their production are worked out and patented

What are the advantages of our product?

  1. Monolithic body frame. The body of the roller is a hollow cylinder made of a polymer composition. The difference is that the body is metal, it does not contain assembly elements (pipes, bearing units, etc.), connected by welding, rolling-up, expansion rolling, which inevitably lead to misalignment of the bearings and the working surface of the roller.
  2. Low thermal conductivity. The heat differences that occur during the conveyer operation and its stopping do not significantly affect the copolymer rollers for the conveyor belt. This prevents the condensate from falling out in the zone of the bearing units.
  3. Hermetic state. The design of the bearing units in the rollers for the conveyor belt is provided with a two-pass labyrinth seal with a blocking layer of lubricant grease. Due to the thickness of the roller wall housing from 25 to 40 mm, the air chamber inside the roller is minimized. Thereby the possibility of dust entering the working area of the bearing is further reduced.
  4. The simplicity of the design allows buyers, as necessary, to acquire individual elements of rollers for belt conveyors (body frames, axles, bearings, etc.) and to assemble them independently.
  5. High reliability and long service life. The refusal of our rollers for conveyors after two years of operation in conditions of increased dustiness by abrasive dust and around the clock operation mode comprised to 6%, while the failure of metal rollers during comparative tests generated 30 -40%. The results are confirmed by acts of an independent organization.
  6. Assortment – As agreed with the customer, we can produce transport rollers of non-standard geometric sizes, as well as rollers of several types: transport, drive, deflector, cushioning and conical.

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 We produce conveyor rollers made of copolymers with a diameter of:

-76mm bearing 180204; 180304

-89mm bearing 180204; 180304

-102mm bearing 180204; 180304; 180305.

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Roller body frames are made of wear-resistant polymer composition increased with reinforcing filler. Its composition and technology of roller production are patented. Read more …



Since 2013, our conveyor rollers have been successfully used at many enterprises, among them: Mykolayiv Bakery Plant, Odesa “Spetselevatormontazh” (plant where elevators are produced and installed), Mykolaiv “Conveyermash” (plant that produces conveyer equipment for large industrial enterprises). Read more …


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