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Conveyer rollers

Conveyer rollers

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Bearing units of drive drums

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Drive and tension drums

Conveyer roller 89 x 1200

Conveyer roller 159 x 530

We produce conveyor rollers made of copolymers with a diameter of:

  • 76mm bearing 180204; 180304
  • 89mm bearing 180204; 180304
  • 102mm bearing of 180204; 180304; 180305
  • 108mm bearing of 180204; 180304; 180305
  • 127mm bearing 180304, 180305

The productivity of the technological line is 1300-1800 pieces per shift.

As agreed with the customer, we can produce rollers of non-standard geometric sizes, as well as rollers of several types: transport, drive, deflector, cushioning and conical.

Advantages of our conveyer rollers

1. The technology of producing the roller body frame ensures alignment of the bearing holes and their working surface, which in combination with the damping ability of the polymer reduces the effect of dynamic loads on the bearings.

2.The high longitudinal stiffness of the body frame does not cause significant cyclic and alternating bending moments in its edge parts. Thus, skewing and pinching of rotating bodies from excessive one-sided loads are eliminated.

3.Peculiarities of the frame design in combination with high sealing hermeticity, which keeps from  the penetration of dust into the working area of the bearings, prevents jamming of the rollers. Jamming of rollers is the main reason for increased wear and sometimes undercutting of the conveyor belt!

4.The simplicity of the roller construction allows buyers to disassemble and assemble them independently, replacing worn out items, and reuse the ones which are least subjected to the wearing out during operation.

5.The surface roughness provides better grip of the inclined roller with the conveyor belt, as well as keeps from its slipping and unilateral wearing out.

6.Long service life.

7.Low price.

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